10 Impressive stories when a TV-show helped people lose weight, and the results were worth the struggle (10 pics)

Many people have a problem with excess weight. To help them lose weight, there is a great TV reality show “My 600 lb life”, which, in addition to helping people lose weight, wants them to be healthy. Millions of people are shocked by the participants in this reality who have, believe it or not, over 600 lb.

We present to you 10 examples of people who, with the help of this reality, managed to lose a lot of extra pounds.

1. Amber Rachdi

This is Amber Rachdi. She is a girl who was insecure and had problems she solved with food. At 24, Amber had over 660 lb. Because she could not take care of herself, she moved in with her parents. Her diet included 4 giant meals, and in addition, she ate a lot of sweets. She had to say goodbye to this kind of life so she took a part in this project. She had gastric bypass surgery and then set to work on herself. She went to the gym, saw a therapist, and in just 6 months she lost 88 lb and a year later, she lost an additional 55 lb. After that, she broke up with the guy who was with her and he didn’t mind her weight, and she married another man.

2. Christina Phillips

She grew up in a family where her parents often quarreled. To escape the problem the girl ate a lot, so by the age of 12, she weighed 286 lb, and by 25, she weighed more than 660 lb. Because of her weight, she depended on her mother and husband. She managed to lose 522 lb in 2 years. She had gastric bypass surgery, and then she continued to eat only healthy food, and now doctors are afraid of her becoming anorexic.

3. Donald Shelton

A man who went from 674 lb to 295 lb in 4 years. He had gastric bypass surgery, and during treatment, doctors diagnosed him with Guillain Barré syndrome. Because of that diagnosis, he is in a wheelchair, but he does not give up on losing weight.