10 Impressive stories when a TV-show helped people lose weight, and the results were worth the struggle (10 pics)

4. Melissa D. Morris

She is the woman who was the first participant in this TW show. Her dream of having a child was not possible due to being overweight. Her weight was 652 lb, but thanks to gastric bypass surgery, physical activity, and diet, she managed to lose almost 154 lb. After that, her dream came true, she got pregnant, but after giving birth, her weight began to return. When she reached 273 lb, she reduced her calorie intake to 1200 and lost 176lb. She now takes care of her diet and the nutrition of her family.

5. Nikki Webster

That she has a deadly addiction to food Nikki realized when she was 33 years old. Her parents allowed her to eat whatever she wanted and paid no attention to her weight problem. At 33, she weighed 649lb. Then her father decided to take her to the hospital for gastric bypass surgery, but before the operation, she had to lose 45lb or she would lose her life. After all that, diet, and exercise, she lost 198lb and got married. Now her weight is 235lb.