10 Impressive stories when a TV-show helped people lose weight, and the results were worth the struggle (10 pics)

6. Paula Jones

She realized that she had a big problem with being overweight and that she could lose her life and leave her family. She started exercising on her own and lost weight, but excelled in gastric bypass surgery, and lost another 268 lb. She also decided to get rid of excess skin, went on a diet and now her weight is 198 lb.

7. Brittani Fulfer

She had a big problem with being overweight, and that bothered her and bothered her husband a lot who started to disgust her. She spent 6-8 hours in bed eating food. She had a problem with weight loss because she had thyroid cancer and problems with her immune system. She still managed to cope with all that, and did a great job with the assistance of experts, and lost 333 lb in 3 years.