10 Models that prove there are no beauty standards anymore (10 pics)

When we say models, the first thought is their appearance, but believe us, it doesn’t always have to be that way. In addition to the main characteristic of the models, and that is beauty, self-confidence is which defies appearance, is very important. Some of the models we wanted to show you below are just those people, who show that self-confidence is more important than beauty.

We present to you 10 photos of models who show that beauty standards exist no more.

1. Ellia Sophia

She stands out for her extraordinary beauty. Her eyes are big and wide, while her lips are small puffy. She knows her qualities and is a very well-established model, with many editorial and runway appearances, and you could see her in Gucci’s 2019 beauty campaign, where imperfections are celebrated.

2. Jacalyn “Jacky” O’Shaughnessy

She is a real example that age cannot stop you from achieving what you want. Although she is not young, she is a very good model, and her age is just a number, she is even better than many famous models, and in addition to being a model, she is also an actress.