10 Places in the world that can turn an ordinary tourist into Indiana Jones (10 pics)

Although most of us go on vacation in the summer to travel, those more experienced travelers say that we should travel in the fall or spring. There are probably many reasons why, and we have prepared for you some destinations that you should visit.

We present to you 10 photos of the amazing destinations that you must see.

1. Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Aruba is a true paradise on earth, and part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There live beautiful flamingos that you can see and that will gladly come and eat from your hand. The warmest month in Aruba is September, and flamingos do not migrate from here but live there all year round.

2. Shah Cheragh Mosque, Iran

A truly amazing mausoleum was built in the 14th century during the reign of Queen Tashi Khatun, Shāh-é-Chérāgh is Persian for “King of the Light.” When Ayatollah Dastghā’ib saw the light on one occasion he decided to find the source of that light. When he found the source, he saw that the light was coming from the grave in which was the body of a warrior in armor with a ring saying “The Pride belongs to God, Ahmad son of Musa.” Everything inside the mosque was bright because the walls were decorated with a mosaic of mirror glass, ornaments, and silver plates, and there was a pool at the entrance.

3. Dune of Pilat in Aquitania, France

South-west of France near Arcachon, you can see a beautiful natural masterpiece which is also Europe’s tallest sand dune. It’s long about 2.7km and high around 106.60m above sea level and was formed so that millions of years ago, the wind and water were eroding the Pyrenees turning them into sand that the rivers would then take into the sea and the tides would return to the coast which was blocked by large forests.