10 Stunning moms who look the same age as their daughters (10 pics)

Everyone would like to be beautiful and young forever, but unfortunately, time does not work for us. It is true that women care more about aging than men, but there are some examples of women who, even if they are a little older, still look perfect, young, and beautiful like their daughters, so it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them.

We present to you 10 photos of moms who look young like their daughters.

1. These are Shantol 26 years old, Ennis 25 years old, and their mother Althea who is in the middle and she is 41 years old.

2. Here you can see actress Xenia Rappoport who is 42 years old and is on the left, with her daughter Aglaya who is 22 years old.

3. These beautiful ladies are Bayan Yessentayeva who is 43 and is on the right, with the daughter of Aissaule who is 20 years old.