10 Women who were never considered beautiful but proved everyone wrong (19 pics)

Many people have not accepted that being different is not a shame, it is not a bad thing, but something special. Precisely the fact that someone is different means that he is special, unique in his own way, and that is a kind of beauty that everyone should appreciate. This is exactly the problem with women who have nonstandard faces and are often criticized by so-called beauty experts. But fortunately, many of them managed to accept what they are, and they shared it with everyone. 

We present to you few unique and unusual women.

10. Ilka Brühl

She was born with a rare genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia. We are glad that nothing can break her spirit, and she says that her mission is to show everyone that they are beautiful in their own way, and she shares her photo story on Instagram.

9. Sophia Hadjipanteli

She is a model from Cyprus, and she has definitely changed the standards of beauty with her eyebrows, and that has made her popular among famous designers.

8. Swantje Paulina

This girl is proud of her freckles and does not try to hide them, and we see that freckles do not bother her followers on Instagram either because the girl is really beautiful.