11 Women who prove it’s not necessary to lose pounds to look your best (11 pics)

We all want to look perfect, and most will say that being overweight makes it impossible for us, but is that really true? Believe us it is not, and we have perfect proof of that. Weight is just a number, and you can bring your body to perfection by not having to lose weight, but just tighten your body, take a look at a few perfect examples that will really delight you.

We present to you 11 examples that weight is just a number, and that you can look great no matter how many pounds you have.

1. Arielle

“Believe me, the most important thing is how you feel, and the numbers on the scales are nothing but numbers.”

2. Madalin Giorgetta

“Work to make your body the way you want it, but don’t pay much attention to the scales.”

3. Mary Kate

“If you think you need to lose weight to look better, then you’re wrong.”