12 Pictures proving that celebrities are just like us (12 pics)

No matter if they have a lot of money, and can afford almost anything they want, many celebrities live a completely normal life like the rest of us. To show you that, we have collected a few photos that do not lie.

We present to you 12 photos of celebrities who do everyday things as well as the ordinary world.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger giving his son a haircut

He loves to be a hairdresser to his son, and in addition, often rides a bike, enjoys a beer while wearing a national costume at Oktoberfest.

2. Here’s Shakira as she painting her nails during the break

Next to her on the table, you can see the whole collection of nail polishes because she likes to paint them herself. You can often see her during breaks she dances hip-hop while standing in line during shopping.

3. This is Lady Gaga and her dog who likes to lie down in unusual places

Lady Gaga owns 3 French bulldogs, and one of them is Koji, who likes to sleep in unusual places. She really loves her pets and allows them to sleep in her bed.