13 Striking make-up transformations that defied age (13 pics)

Make-up is so powerful that in many cases it can transform a person more than plastic surgery. No matter how tired you are and you have a feeling that you are falling apart, you have dark circles and wrinkles and other signs of aging, well make-up will fix it all very easily and make you younger and more beautiful.

We present to you 13 women who are a real example that age means nothing, and that with and without make-up they look great.

1. Wayne Krisna Gonzaga-Miketon is a make-up artist from Canada, and she shared a photo of her client before and after make-up.

2. This woman is a client of Callista Lorian Thomas make-up artist, who went for softer shades to emphasize the natural beauty to her client.

3. Her facial features are accentuated with make-up but her eyes are also prominent.