14 Empowering stories that are an extra source of motivation (14 pics)

There are many problems and difficulties in life, but all that passes, and again comes the period when we are doing great. But when it’s bad, then we have to gather strength and fight in every possible way to change something. We admire such people, who are fighters, and who have survived a lot, and finally reached their goals.

We present to you 14 people who are the motivation for everyone.

1. “I was paralyzed for a while and then I gained weight, but I managed to lose weight and feel great again.”

2. “My brother has a daughter who has a limb difference, so he wrote a book where someone with a limb difference is a hero, so she dosn’t feel less valuable.”

3. “I’ve kind of always felt like black sheep in the family, but when I found my biological father, now I feel accepted, he is very important person in my life.”