14 People who committed to their New Year’s resolutions and showed the results (14 pics)

At the end of each year, we promise ourselves and others that we will be better in the next year and that we will change something that will make us and our loved ones happier. Of course, many things are difficult to fulfill, but if you keep your promises well as people in the rest of this article, then there is no problem.

We present to you 14 photos of people who fulfilled their promises in the New Year.

1. “As a teen I straightened my curls, but since the New Year I’ve decided to leave them as they are.”

2. “My wish for the New Year was to learn how to crochet.”

“This was a very difficult project, the Shiba Inu, but I succeeded, and I did it for my wife.”

3. “I really hated reading, but In the New Year I’ve decided to start reading.”

“Here’s my complete stack I read already, and I can’t describe to you how exciting it was to read one by one.”