14 People who completely changed their hairstyle and have no regrets (14 pics)

Sometimes we are too afraid of change because we are not aware that those changes can positively affect us. Many people are afraid, to change their hairstyle, and if you want to change yourself then the hairstyle is where to start. Shortening or coloring your hair will completely change your appearance, and you should not be afraid of it but take a step. Those who dared to change their hairstyle after a long time shared their experiences on social networks.

We present to you 14 photos of people who changed their hairstyles and did not regret it.

1. “After 2 years, I decided to cut my hair, and I was delighted with the result I got.”

2. “I decided to cut my hair, and I’m thrilled with my new pixie hairstyle.”

3. “I’ve been growing my hair for over 4 years to donate it, and finally I had a haircut, I’m very happy and feel like a new man.”