15 People who accomplished big things in life and now “HAPPINESS” is their middle name (15 pics)

We are all fighters, and we are used to working hard in life, to achieve some goal we imagined. But there are always those who work harder, those who never give up, even when it’s hardest, and they are the people we’re talking about in this article. You will get a bit more motivation in life if you take a closer look at what and how menage to achieve their goals and what they did with their lives.

We present to you 15 photos of people who did not give up on their goals and with their perseverance achieved what they wanted.

1. “We had a problem with getting a child, but thank God we made it.”

2. “We waited for this moment, for my father to come out of the hospital.”

3. “After about a year of recovery my nearly paralyzed father is better, and he’s happy to spend time with me.”