15 People who didn’t realize how beautiful they were until they got a complete makeover (15 pics)

Fashion trends change over time, so for what we now consider fashionable in the near future we can consider bad, and we will ask ourselves why we followed such a trend. In many cases, we are glad about the change in trends because some were really bad, and we didn’t realize that until we were adults, and we have a few good examples of that. You will not believe your eyes how people can change their appearance with just one little thing.

We present to you 15 photos that show the change of trends over time.

1. “When I was 17 I literally didn’t have eyebrows because I shaved them and then drew them back, but at 24 I changed that.”

2. “My transformation from 17 to my 26, where a lot has changed, such as I gained weight, eyebrows, and hair are healthier and more beautiful and I love myself much more.”

3. “In the photo on the left, I was only 12 years old, and in the one on the right, 20 years, where it is obvious that I have more beautiful hair, eyebrows, and no braces.”