15 People who will likely remember 2020 as their luckiest year (15 pics)

We can’t say that 2020 was a good year considering how many disasters happened in it. But there are people for whom 2020 was still a good, and happy year because beautiful things happened to them, and their lives changed for the better. We made a compilation of these people and shared them with you.

We present to you 15 photos of people for whom 2020 was a wonderful year.

1. “I’ve always wondered what fiance fingers would look like on my hand, and that day has finally come, I’m overjoyed.”

2. “I really wouldn’t believe if someone told me 2 years ago, that I can make this kind of progress in just 2 years, now I’m wearing a size 8 dress and I’m in love with sports.”

3. “In the past, no one bothered about my birthdays, but now my wife has taken things into her own hands.”