6 Talented people who will make anyone complaining about their life feel ashamed (17 pics)

When you feel pity for someone, you are not really helping them, but you need to support such people in difficult situations. There are those who complain about their lives and give up a lot, but if those people saw the example from this article, they would remain silent, because the people in this article are truly amazing.

We present to you an amazing 6 people, whose talent overcomes all their shortcomings.

1. This is John Bramblitt, an artist who can’t see his painting

Due to complications of epilepsy, John, unfortunately, lost his sight at the age of 30. He struggled with depression and anxiety for a long time but managed to find salvation in art, and he is now one of the most famous painters in America.

He replaced the sense of sight he had lost with the sense of touch. He developed a special painting technique by making a sketch with matte paint, leaving a tangible mark on the canvas, and then he finds the required area on the protruding contours and fills it with paint, truly amazing.

An even more impressive thing is how John chooses colors and creates shades by touch. These oil paints differ in structure, so that some are more viscous and dense, while others are more watery, and to get the colors this artist simply mixes the colors, and gets the consistency he wants.

2. This is Hugh Herr, he went from being a climber to a prosthetist

As an 8-year-old boy, Hugh managed to climb his first peak, on the mountain Temp, which is 11,627 feet high. He showed the perspective to become a professional climber, but unfortunately, when he was 17, a terrible accident happened. He and his friend got stuck in the icy mountains, and they couldn’t get out for 3 days. For those 3 hard, cold days, they got severe frostbite, which is why doctors had to amputate both Hugh’s legs.

He promised after the operation that he would return to climbing, and the mountains and that is where his prosthetics career began. He managed to make prostheses for himself from improvised materials, but they were not as handsome as he had imagined. So he decided to take the path of science and he graduated from 3 universities, the last of those 3 universities was Harvard, where he graduated with a PhD in biophysics.

He is now the head of a research group in the “MIT Media Lab” where bionic leg prostheses are being developed.