7 Celebrities who changed their style and showed the trends of 2021 (7 pics)

Trends are constantly changing, and they are generally the current mood of society. Of course, the people who set the trends are primarily celebrities that we see in the media every day. Many celebrities have similar tastes, so this 2021 year we want to introduce you to some of their trends.

We present to you 7 photos of favorite hairstyle trends of celebrities.

7. Beautiful Shakira chose a ruby-red color for her hair.

This hair color suits a bold personality, green or light blue eyes, as well as pale and porcelain complexions.

6. Take a look at how Bella Hadid dyed face-framing strands.

You probably know that this trend was popular in 2020, but because many love it, it is still popular in 2021. If you do not want to change the color of your whole hair, then it is good to dye hair that frames your face, and of course, you can choose whatever color you want.