7 Photographs where it’s hard to tell a mother from a daughter (7 pics)

Every parent knows how much care and attention needs to be paid to a child as he grows up. However, as children grow older parents do not notice how old they are day by day. But there are also those mothers who resist aging, sometimes we can’t recognize them from their daughters.

We present you 7 photos in which it will be difficult for you to recognize who is a mother and who is a daughter.

1. Anna Nyström and her mother

Beautiful Anna is from Sweden, is 26 years old, and works as a personal fitness coach. Her mother is in her 40s but they look like sisters.

2. Amber Le Bon and her mother Yasmin

She is from England, and she is the oldest of 3 daughters, her dad is the frontman of Duran Duran Simon Le Bon and her mom is the famous model Yasmin Le Bon. And if they look like sisters, she is 29 and her mother is 54.