7 Things most Instagram fitness models don’t talk about (7 pics)

It can be said that we are all thrilled with the photos that the supermodels share on their Instagram profile. However, we are often disappointed when we compare their photos with ours and ask ourselves why our photos are not so good, but we did not know some tricks that Instagram models use and that would help us as well.

We present to you a few tricks that hide behind the perfect photos of Instagram models.

1. Their photos have been edited in most cases.

The bikini model that promotes body positivity by posting unedited pictures is Karina Irby. You can often see her posting pictures showing the differences between a real body and a photoshopped one. To learn more about it, take a look at what she said about it, “I feel like it’s so important to keep educating people on social media to remember that sometimes not everything is how it may seem. Girls can develop these unrealistic expectations of what they think is beautiful and achievable”. It is now clear to you that many fitness models post pictures of their perfect body on Instagram so their followers compare with them, but these followers do not know that in most cases those photos have been edited. Lately, people often show photos in which they are exactly as they are without editing in order for people to understand that it is important to love ourselves as we are.

2. The angle at which a photo is taken is of great importance for a perfect photo.

Trainer Jen Widerstorm showed by example that the photos that Instagram models share on their profiles were selected from the many they took. As you can see for yourself in the collage of photos she posted because it looks different on each of them, she adds “We all look like this when we sit. Don’t stress about the way your body looks in certain positions”.