7 Unique people with extraordinary looks (14 pics)

Many people want to be different, and to be remembered by others because of their unique appearance. Such people are not afraid to experiment on themselves, although sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn’t, they just want to be different.

We present to you a few people who are unique in their own way.

1. Andrey Bartenev

A Russian artist named Andrey Bartenev is a well-known fashion designer, and creator of interactive installations and performances, and his works can often be seen in large famous museums around the world many times. As you can see his clothing style is very strange, but he lives and dresses following his imagination which provokes different opinions of observers.

2. Beth Ditto

She is the lead singer of the band Gossip, and everyone met her because of that hit. She describes herself as fat but accepts her appearance without any problems. She has a lot of courage, and she performs in front of the audience without any problems, often in revealing outfits. She doesn’t want to dress modestly because she thinks there’s no need for it, and designers like Gaultier and Lagerfeld often invite her to their shows.