8 Children who became world famous thanks to their beauty (22 pics)

Beauty is in the eyes of observers, people say. Standards of beauty are constantly changing, but sometimes we can recognize true beauty when we see it in someone, especially the pure and true beauty that children have. It is a true beauty that will melt our hearts and then we will understand the true standards of beauty.

We present to you a few children who became famous all over the world for their beauty.

1. This is Anastasia Knyazeva, from Russia.

This beautiful 8-year-old girl was named the most beautiful girl in the world by the British media. Since her birth, people have paid attention to her, because of her beauty and her blue eyes. This little girl collaborates with many famous brands of children’s clothing, as you have had the opportunity to see on many billboards and her Instagram profile.

2. This is Anna Pavaga, from Russia.

Little Anna lives in Saint Petersburg, she works in ballet and when she grows up she would like to be a professional dancer. Since the age of three, he has been promoting sports equipment, children’s clothing and toys. You could also see her as an actress in “Water Universe”.