8 Startling Disney theories that crush everything we knew to bits (11 pics)

We grew up watching Disney cartoons, but we didn’t pay attention to some things in them. Fans have various theories, and thus show how big Disney’s universe really is, and how connected everything is. We are really grateful to the fans and their theories because we realized that they connected a lot of things and some of the theories are really fascinating.

We present to you 8 theories about the Disney universe that will delight you.

1. Fans believe that Rapunzel is Anna and Elsa’s cousin.

In “Frozen”, Anna and Elsa’s parents had a shipwreck and never returned, and on one occasion Jennifer Lee, one of the movie’s directors, said they were heading to a wedding. Fans think they went to Rapunzel’s wedding. The plot in the movie “Frozen” takes place 3 years after the wedding and shipwreck, and “Tangled” was released on November 24th, 2010 exactly 3 years before Frozen which was released on November 27th, 2013. Rapunzel appeared at Elsa’s coronation, so it makes sense that they are in a kinship, more precisely that Rapunzel’s mother is actually Anna and Elsa’s father’s sister, which is very possible.

2. Tarzan may be Anna and Elsa’s brother.

Another profound theory is about Anna and Elsa’s parents, that they didn’t actually die in a shipwreck, but ended up in the jungle where they made a treehouse and got a baby, and the baby is actually Tarzan. The theory may be correct because Tarzan’s parents also experienced a shipwreck, and also remind us of Anna and Elsa’s parents. One of the directors, Chris Buck, also believes in this theory.