A 65-year-old lady shows off her natural beauty and explains how to be a model in her years (11 pics)

It’s never too late to do something you want, and totally change your life and thus encourage other people to do the same. A real example of this is Lady Yazemeenah Rossi, who is 65 years old, and she gladly shared her opinion on aging, beauty, and how you should accept it.

She started her modeling career quite by accident by being invited to replace a model at the last minute, and after that, she started working with many famous fashion designers. She noticed her first gray threads when she was very young when she was 11 years old, and she never minded having gray hair.

Having gray hair has only helped her advance her career as a model, as there are not many models with gray hair. She takes care of her beauty by being very careful about what she puts on her skin and uses fresh organic products, but she also has good sleep and blocks toxic thoughts.

We present to you 11 photos of this beautiful lady, enjoy.