A 72-year-old woman reveals she’s in her best shape now, and we can’t wait to hear her out (14 pics)

Some people look much older even though they are in their 20s while some much older ones look pretty much younger. One of those people is Norma Williams, a fitness fan who doesn’t know how to grow old. Her message to everyone is that the body can look perfect and get better and better with age if you know how to treat it.

Of course, she hasn’t always had a body like this. Until she was 28, she was dissatisfied with her body, and then she began a different way of life, which she still adheres to.

With a different lifestyle, her body also changed for the better. It took a while until she came to be completely satisfied with herself.

Her body is perfect because she exercises, she goes to the gym 2 times a week as well as fast walking 4 times a week. She pays attention to her diet and takes great care of herself.

She believes that we shouldn’t neglect and disrespect our bodies, but to make positive changes and treat them with care and love.

We present to you 14 photos where you can see how perfect she looks at her age.