A model hits the catwalk at 57 and encourages women to follow their dreams no matter how old they are (13 pics)

Many women are afraid of old age and find it difficult to accept that their body is aging. Some of those women still feel young, but when they look in the mirror they see that age has left a mark on their body, and because of that they lose self-confidence, that’s why they need to meet Kathy Jacobs, a lady who will give an example to other women to accept aging and keep working and taking care of yourself.

This beautiful lady is 57 years old, lives in California, and is an actress, entrepreneur, and model by profession. She is real proof that if you are happy, your body will also look more beautiful and younger, which encourages all women to do what they want in life. She entered the industry in 1991 as a Ford model, but her career did not go so well until last year when she became the oldest rookie for the very famous Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, where she was among the 6 finalists in the competition.

If you thought she couldn’t inspire anymore, then read some of her words “I just want to show the world what 56 means. You know, it’s not like I’m ready to roll over and play dead because I’ve still got a lot more inside of me to do.”

This lady has also managed to inspire young girls, look at what she is talking about, “I feel like being in this magazine not only helps other women my age but younger girls too. Everyone’s so terrified about getting older. I’ve had so many younger girls message me and say, thank you so much for doing this because I’m not terrified of getting older anymore. I know my life is not going to end once I reach 30, 40, 50, or 60.” – She said.

She takes care of herself, you can often see her exercising because she really loves fitness, and her motto is “Just start where you are at right now!”

This model managed to achieve her goal at age 57, “This is my FIRST red carpet at 57 years old! I was so grateful for this moment I was holding back tears as I walked out.” – She said.

You can often see her with her husband Rob Jacobs, with whom she celebrated 23 years of marriage, as well as with her beautiful daughter Abigail Rose.

We present to you 13 photos of her that will delight you.