After reading this you’ll never throw away these bags again (8 pics)

We are used to when we buy new sneakers, and in that box with the sneakers we get silica gel bags, and we immediately throw away that silica gel bags because we think they are useless. However, they are not useless or poisonous at all, but are filled with a substance called silicon dioxide that should not be eaten. There are many ways you can use these bags at home and we will show you a few.

We present to you 8 ways you can use silica gel bags in your house.

1. Put them in your gym bag

The main purpose of these silica gel bags is to absorb extra moisture and to protect the item from bacteria. It is well known that bacteria spread in damp places, so these little things can solve your problem. It is very good to put them in a gym bag because in addition there will be no bacteria and they will even remove the unpleasant smell.

2. Put them between towels

If you put a few bags between your towels, they will smell much nicer and will not be damp.