FROM CHRISTMAS TO CHRISTMAS SHE LOST 75 KG! She weighed 104 kg, and she couldn’t stand for more than 45 minutes, and she did this every day (7 pics)

Many people have problems with excess weight and try to lose weight in many ways, all that matters is whether you want to make an effort to lose those kilograms, and feel better, healthier and of course more beautiful, or you don’t want. We often come across people on the internet who have worked to lose weight and are very happy to share it with others to give them useful advice and motivate them to work on themselves.

We present to you one such truly inspiring story of a young mother of six children.

7. Krechelle Carter, 30, a mother of six, decided last Christmas to change her life and finally lose the extra pounds. In the end, her work paid off, because this Christmas, in just one year, she managed to lose as much as 75 kilograms.

6. When she started working on her weight, Krechelle weighed 140 kilograms, and she herself claims that she could not stand for more than 45 minutes. It turned out that she only needed to change three habits in order to achieve an incredible transformation.