Guy shows why Japan is already living in the future, goes viral (14 pics)

There is hardly a person who will say anything bad about Japan, because Japan is something perfect, in addition to culture and tradition, that country is simply fascinating in every possible way. We who are enthusiastic about Japan and do not live there do not notice some little things that are noticed by the people who live there, and those little things make life easier for the residents and a lot. The Japanese know how to relax and do things the easy way, and to get us to understand them better there is TikToker Steven Wong who better represents it in his photos.

We present to you 14 photos of this TickToker that will awaken your desire to move to Japan immediately.

1. To give people with disabilities a chance to work, some of the cafes like this one have robot waiters controlled remotely by disabled workers.

2. After using the toilet it is normal to flush the water. Used water goes away, and new water is replenished by washing your hands on the tap. So the water you wash your hands with will go to the toilet next time you flush.

3. Kids in Japan work, so in supermarkets, you can see kid-sized baskets and items that are on the lower shelves just for them.