He was an average fat British, and then the hairdresser gave him one piece of advice: Women today are crazy about him, but also for his millions (7 pics)

Guaylim Pag was an average British, with an average job and an average appearance. As he himself described on Instagram, he was withdrawn, dissatisfied with himself, obese, unhappy, and insecure. And then the hairdresser suggested a simple thing – to let go of his beard.

1. “Another year has past since the “before and after” circus…. and I realised the photos being shared is not really a true reflection any more seeing after “after” photo is coming up to being 5 years old. Time bloody flies ey!” – He said on his Instagram.

2. That’s what he did. The first wave of self-satisfaction started with his beard, so he arranged his diet and started exercising. It didn’t take long, and the transformation was incredible and it was written about in the media a couple of years ago.