HER HUSBAND IS THE OWNER OF “BALENCIAGA”, AND THEY ARE SILENT ABOUT THE SHAMEFUL SCANDAL! She has appeared for the first time, and the public is CRUCIFYING it with COMMENTS! (10 pics)

It is not the first time that a scandal has occurred in the fashion industry. But as it usually happens after a while, brands and designers return to the big doors and become accepted again. Maybe it will happen this time too. We have had examples like what happened in 2011 with the creator of the fashion house “Dior”, John Galiano, and a few years ago with the fashion house “Dolce&Gabbana”. The scandals that followed these names were not very pleasant, but as we have already said, they are returning to the fashion scene, perhaps even better than before.

1. Hollywood actress Salma Hayek appeared on the red carpet of an event, and this time she did not pose for photographers with her husband Francois Henri Pinault, the owner of “Balenciaga”, who was disgraced after the recent scandal.

2. In the new advertising campaign, “Balenciaga” showed children in “S&M” equipment, which caused a huge scandal on a global scale. Everyone is talking about it, making videos about this scandal and posting them on social networks, condemning, burning, and cutting their products.

3. First, some famous stars announced their disgust with the advertising campaign of a famous brand. Soon after, social media became flooded with criticism and public outrage over the fashion house’s new move, leading to the removal of the entire campaign on November 23.