How do millionaires children live (and why they don’t follow in their parent’s footsteps) (5 pics)

There are about 36 million millionaires in the world, which makes up 1% of the total population, and they own more than half of the world’s wealth. If you think they live well, you are right but wait to see how their children are enjoying life.

We present you 5 photos where you can see how the children of some of the richest people in the world enjoy their lives.

1. Ben Ford

He is the son of the famous actor Harrison Ford, but unlike his father, he started a different career. He had a great love for cooking, so he opened his own restaurant and wrote a recipe book. Ben has received the support of his father and often participates in humanitarian actions where food is prepared for the homeless.
Ben fell in love with cooking when he once saw a pig roasting on a spit while on a family vacation in Hawaii, and he was amazed that the whole animal was roasted at once. When he opened his restaurant in 1999 in California, it was the only place where you could buy a whole fried animal.

2. Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono was born as a girl and was named Chastity. Chastity changed gender in 2008 and became Chaz, who tried to make a career in music, recorded an album but did not like to continue with music and became a lawyer. He realized that he was different from the others at the age of 13. He has published a book called Family Outing.
He now engages in social activities, and protects the rights of the LGBT community, and publishes books.