PARENTS ARE SURPRISED BY HOW THEIR CHILD LOOKS! Both have black hair and eyes, and the child DOESN’T LOOK LIKE EITHER OF THEM! (10 pics)

We all resemble our parents, some more, some less. Sometimes we look like them in terms of character traits and not physically. Also, it can very often happen that in one period of growing up we look more like one parent and at a later age look like another. Everything is individual and everything is genetically set. But in addition to all that, we have rare cases, such as in this family, which will be discussed in this article, where the child is the complete opposite of his parents. Physically he doesn’t look like either of his parents in the slightest.

1. What the baby looks like is a basic topic almost from the first moment when a newborn baby comes into this world. It is expected that if both mom and dad are dark-haired, the child will also be dark-haired.

2. If someone has blue eyes in the family, and parents secretly hope that their beloved child will inherit them.

3. A small number of parents believe that a child can look like an aunt or uncle, and can draw genes from some distant ancestors. However, what parents are generally not prepared for is that a child can change during growing up, his hair and eyes, as well as his whole character.