People honestly shared why they are glad to be single (10 pics)

Many people who are single usually feel lonely and want to be with someone before the holidays. Although loneliness does not have to be bad, because then we are able to learn about ourselves, our needs, and what we want in life. Although many do not like to talk about it, there are those who have described it better in their stories.

We present to you 10 people who talk about what it’s like to be alone.

1. “When I’m single, I do absolutely what I want, watch movies, go shopping, stay up late, and nobody tells me anything about it. The most important thing for me is that I organize my time and my money. Of course, I have friends with whom I spend time.”

2. “I have no reason to worry about how I look, and what I’m wearing, I’m just enjoying my day off with messy hair and no makeup.”

3. “I don’t have to remember important dates, or spend money on gifts, and I also don’t have to justify where I spent my money.”