The engaged couple thinks they met in university, mom figures out they actually met on a family vacation in 1997 (5 pics+VIDEO)

Many of you have heard stories or experienced love at first sight, but this couple you will learn about below were surprised to learn that they met as children and forgot about that.

This is the story of Heidi Savitt and her husband Ed Savitt, who thought they fell in love with each other in college, but quite by accident discovered that they met at the age of six.

1. Love at first sight, but also in the second one as well.

They met for the first time (second though they didn’t know it) at Newcastle University as students back in 2011. When Ed moved into student accommodations, he had problems with the washing machine, so he contacted the previous tenant Heidi, who of course helped.

2. They thought it was their first meeting.

After the first meeting, they later met at local nightclubs, which led to going out to Pizza Express and making them inseparable. 

On one occasion, Heidi invited Ed to dinner with her parents. This is where the story began that Hedi had a boyfriend named Ed back when they were on a trip to Turkey.