THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD LIVE IN THESE 4 COUNTRIES! The secret of their happiness is the same, which will leave you speechless! (11 pics)

We all have our dream country. The one we fantasize about, the one we know everything about and think everything is in its place there. However, there is research that ranks the countries where the happiest people live on the planet made a universal list of “dream countries”.

During the research, everything is evaluated: expected healthy life expectancy to GDP per capita, social support during the pandemic, low corruption, people’s generosity and willingness to help each other, and the freedom to make life decisions.

1. The balance between business obligations and private life is increasingly highlighted as an important well-being factor. Achieving the ideal balance is not easy, especially when we consider the way and costs of living in big cities.

2. It is difficult to determine precisely what constitutes a good balance. Moving to “freelancer” status or working with flexible working hours may seem extremely attractive, but the such organization of business activities is often not feasible for most professions.

3. Get to know the countries where the happiest people in the world live and who don’t mind the harsh climate, distance, or size. Although they are scattered all over the globe, they have one thing in common: the people who live in them are happy.