The incredible story Ronaldo searched for years the girls who saved him from starvation, and then Paula spoke and revealed the whole truth! (7 pics)

A hard life forces us to fight, and push on to become someone and something, and give our family a better future. Such is the case with many celebrities who came to the top from the bottom just because they fought and did not give up.

We present to you an interesting story from the life of the best football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

1. Today, Cristiano Ronaldo can afford everything he wants, he is the first football player who has earned more than a billion dollars in history, and once he didn’t even have for the bread…

2. Cristiano grew up in a poor family of six. His mother Dolores fought like a lioness for her children. She worked several jobs to earn a living. Ronaldo’s father was a war veteran, he had “PTSD” and he treated his problems with alcohol, so all the burden fell on Dolores.