THEY HATED HER AT SCHOOL BECAUSE SHE CAME IN A “ROLLS ROYCE”! She was faithful to him and then seduced the most desirable man in the world! (10 pics)

The arrival of one of the former football stars at the World Cup caused a great stir. That’s just proof of how great his fame is. Everyone “fainted” when David Beckham appeared in Doha. We always associate his wife with him now. Sveta first became very popular with the “Spice Girls” group, but years after that, this lady really breaks all taboos and steadily treads the fashion industry. There is a general drama when the two appear somewhere, both when they are apart but also when they are together.

1. Victoria Adams was born on April 17, 1974, in a well-to-do, bourgeois family. Her father was an electronics engineer, who earned great money and provided everything for his family. But Victoria was a very unhappy child who, in today’s vocabulary, was exposed to mobbing at school. Because of all this, she escaped into her own world, the world of creations, she staged plays at home, designed their costumes, experimented with hairstyles, sang, took pictures… She told her parents at one point that she wanted to be a singer after watching the movie “Glory”.

2. Her first group was called “Persuasion”, but an audition in 1994 changed everything. She became a member of the group “Spice Girls”, and after great success, already with the first hit “Wannabe”, the “Spice Girls” become not only the most popular British women, but the whole world worships them.

3. That sudden fame was the sweet revenge of a girl who was called “grey mouse” at school and hated because she was driven around in a “Rolls Royce”. And that’s why even today she is (secretly) proud of the nickname “Posh Spice”, which was given to her by the British tabloids at the time of her greatest fame, precisely because of her origin. But, as suddenly as it flared up, Spajsic’s fame began to fade, and Victoria’s solo career, which she started in 2000, did not come close to similar success. And just then, with their first disappointments in music, her fashion story begins, first as a very successful model.