We have exposed 10 pieces of news that everyone believed thanks to the internet (10 pics)

We are all just obsessed with social media, and the best way to be famous there is to collect the biggest number of likes. The right way to collect the biggest number of likes is of course to have very good photos. That’s exactly what the people in the sequel to this article did.

We present to you 10 photos of people who shared very interesting photos on social networks.

1. Believe it or not, Winston Churchill was born in a “ladies’ room” in a disco.

Many on the internet talk about it, but just check out the biography of Winston Churchill, and you will find out that he came from a noble family and was born in the Blenheim Palace.

2. A photo with a shark.

This photo was shared because of the likes, as you can see it was edited because of that, below you can see the original.

Here is the original.

3. Elephants find people very interesting.

Although it sounds amazing, this news is actually false. No studies on this have ever been conducted, and elephants actually consider humans dangerous.