WHEN SHE CAME TO NEW YORK SHE DIDN’T KNOW A WORD OF ENGLISH! TODAY, SHE HAS MILLIONS! They say there is no prettier woman! (10 pics)

Sometimes you have to go through a thorny road to reach the stars. It’s all about the goal and the focus. We should also not forget that self-belief and the support we give ourselves are also very important, as is persistence, and hard work. All this is shown to us by this beautiful woman, a beautiful mother. Persistence pays off. Every person who has succeeded will confirm this and say the same. Also, this woman used what she had and what was best for her. Your natural beauty. She made millions with the help of her looks and became globally popular. It’s all a matter of what you decide to do and which path to take, as well as how strong you are to persevere in it.

1. Brazilian model and “Victoria’s Angel”, Lais Ribeiro has proven once again that she is one of the hottest models as well as one of those who have wonderful natural beauty.

2. No one is immune to her photos, which she regularly shares with her followers on social networks.

3. The model feels most comfortable in “comfortable” styles, so we can often see her on the beach, where she spends every free moment.