10 Gorgeous movie dresses that almost outshined the actresses who wore them (10 pics)

We are often thrilled with the dresses the actresses wear, sometimes more than their acting. The costumes in the movies express the true beauty of the actress that they simply enchant us. How beautiful some of the costumes of some actresses had to go down in history.

We present to you 10 extraordinary dresses in which the actresses appeared in movies, and we were fascinated.

1. Fiona Johnson, “The Matrix”, 1999.

Surely you remember the part of the movie when Morpheus asked Neo, “Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?”. The amazing red dress on the beautiful woman in the film had the role of attracting the attention of passers-by by triggering what’s known as the “red dress effect”, and the same is the case with viewers.

2. Nicole Kidman, “The Golden Compass”, 2007.

Nicole Kidman or Mrs. Coulter in “The Golden Compass” wore an amazing dress designed around a small piece of lace, which made viewers feel like Kidman’s body flows rather than moves through the clothes.

3. Léa Seydoux, “Beauty and the Beast”, 2014.

This bright royal emerald green dress is designed by Pierre-Yves Gayraud, and Belle puts her on when she enters the Beast’s castle.