10 Pairs of actors who played the same character but at different ages (10 pics)

We have seen many movies where the story follows a certain character who lives life from a young age to old age. Of course, such movies are not easy to make, because the production has a difficult task when choosing actors, because they have to find more of them, who must be adequate, and who will do such work.

We present to you 10 characters from movies that have been played by different actors who represented a certain period of character from the movie.

1. Gia Carangi in “Gia”.

This movie was released in 1998 and follows the life of American model Gia Carangi. Carangi was considered the first supermodel of her generation, and the film shows her life story and everything she went through in her life. The actress who played Carangi during her younger days is Mila Kunis, while Angelina Jolie took on the role of the older Carangi.

2. Melanie and Jake in “Sweet Home Alabama”.

The main theme of this movie is a love story about the comings and goings between two childhood friends, Jake Perry and Melanie Carmichael. Thomas Curtis plays Perry in the beginning and then Josh Lucas plays Perry as an adult. Perry is convinced that he and Melanie are destined to get married, while Melanie played by Dakota Fanning in the beginning, then Reese Witherspoon, thinks differently.

3. Lila Wittenborn in “Evening”.

The story of this film follows the last days of a woman named Lila Wittenborn, who remembers the most interesting details from her life. Initially played by Mamie Gummer, and after that Meryl Streep. You must have noticed that there is a great similarity between the actresses, precisely because they are family, a mother and a daughter.