11 Disney characters who were based on real people (11 pics)

We grew up with wonderful stories that Disney created for us, and everyone will agree that they brightened our childhood. We all had some favorite character, some of us more favorite characters, but we didn’t know one very important thing, and that was that some of them were based on real-life characters, even some of them were celebrities.

We present to you 11 photos of Disney characters based on real people.

1. The 4 vultures: The Beatles.

One of the favorite cartoons of many of us was “The Jungle Book,” but you didn’t know that the 4 sung vultures represented the Beatles, in 1967 when they were by far one of the most popular bands. So now you know that these birds actually represented John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. However, there was one more thing and that was that Lennon preferred not to appear in the film, and he suggested to the manager to reject Disney. He refused, so the film shows the vultures speaking in an accent similar to that of people living in Liverpool. The voices for the birds were given by J. Pat O’Malley, Digby Wolfe, Lord Tim Hudson, and Chad Stuart.

2. Maleficent: Eleanor Audley.

In addition to giving her voice to Maleficent in “Sleeping Beauty,” filmmakers also asked her to perform and film the scenes that would help the animators produce the fictional character, thus her movements inspired the face of Maleficent. In addition to this character, she was also an inspiration for Lady Tremaine, the evil stepmother in the animated film Cinderella.

3. Jessica Rabbit: Rita Hayworth.

The most beautiful lady from the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is just her. Jessica Rabbit was based on the incredible beauty of this actress. Jessica Rabbit wasn’t supposed to look like that at first, but writer Gary K. Wolf changed his mind and chose that Jessica Rabbit looks like Rita Hayworth, but to have hair like Veronica Lake.