12 years ago they were dubbed as the most beautiful twins in the world, but wait till you see how they look today! (10 pics)

We can often hear that all children are beautiful. That’s right, all children and babies have a beauty that cannot be measured, pure souls, they just came to this world and learn about themselves, life, and their parents, life is in front of them. As children grow up, they get their own personalities and change, they look different. These two beautiful twin sisters were the most beautiful babies in the world, children, but now that they are grown up they look timeless. Nature gave them perfect beauty, they were simply born under a lucky star.

1. They are twin sisters. They were once declared the most beautiful babies, but also twin sisters. These beautiful girls still hold that title to this day.

2. These world-famous and very popular girls are called Ava and Leah Clements.

3. Their mother, Jaqi Clements, is very proud of her daughters, and their achievements so far, but also of how she, as a mother, managed to balance their school, work, and popularity.