14 Girls who proved gaining some weight can bring true happiness (14 pics)

When we hear that someone is fighting with weight, we immediately think of being overweight, but we do not think of those people who cannot gain weight. Believe it or not, sometimes adding pounds can be a harder task than losing weight, and you can’t imagine the happiness of those who have managed to add pounds.

We present to you 14 photos of girls who have transformed for the better by adding a few pounds.

1. “I had anorexia and I was heavy at 89lb, but after recovering I climbed to 100lb.”

2. “Adding a few pounds is really great, I’ve gained 140lb to 160lb in a period of 8-10 months.”

3. “I struggled with anorexia for 8 years, and I managed to beat it, from 70lb I went to 143lb.”