14 People that changed so much they can barely recognize themselves in the mirror (14 pics)

Sometimes we just aren’t happy with ourselves and want to change something about ourselves. But in addition to so much desire to change something, there are those who give up, but there are also those who change their hairstyle, make-up, or style and become completely different personalities. Such people are an example to everyone, and because of them, many others were inspired not to give up.

We present to you 14 people who have made some transformation on themselves and are very pleased with it.

1. “I decided to use a sea of ​​natural makeup, my hair has grown and in addition, I have changed the shape of my eyebrows, now I feel much more beautiful.”

2. “I’ve changed my diet, I’m eating fewer carbs now, and in 18 months I’ve lost 125 lbs, and maintaining my current weight has been going perfectly for 3 years.”

3. “Compared to the photo on the left I’ve changed a lot for the better, and that photo is from the period when I went to high school.”