14 People who prove that we are the masters of our own appearance (14 pics)

If you need changes in your life then you need to gain self-confidence, because when you have enough self-confidence the changes start on their own. However, sometimes it is necessary to boost your self-confidence, by starting to work on yourself at least a little, to change some little thing that will actually mean a lot to you.

We present to you 14 photos of people who have gained a lot of self-confidence by changing their appearance.

1. “For a start, I stopped eating fast food, after that, I started exercising 30 minutes a day, which led to me losing 130 lb, I’m proud of myself.”

2. “I had to do breast reduction and I finally did and I lost about 5 pounds there.”

3. “Here I am before and after otoplasty, I took off the bandages today.”