14 People who were born to shine a ray of positivity on this world (14 pics)

Sometimes you just need to be positive, and do good deeds, because that will make you feel better and everyone will love you. The heroes in our article have done some good deeds, such as rescuing animals, cleaning their neighborhood, or simply making the world a better place by spreading happiness and laughter. 

We present to you 14 photos of people who have inspired others to do good deeds with their works.

1. “I was able to rescue an iguana that was stuck in my neighbor’s fence the same day, and a duckling that had a hurt leg.”

2. “This is my 5-year-old niece, and she prevented her mom from accidentally stepping on the little spider, then took him outside on her arm.”

3. “This is my parent’s shed, and some bird started making a nest inside, so my father kept the door open all summer.”