14 People whose personal wins are more precious to them than Leo DiCaprio’s first Oscar (14 pics)

We all want to achieve something, to change and we feel great because we have fixed some things in life. For example, we took Leonardo DiCaprio and the moment when he won the Oscar in 2016 because he wanted it for years, and it finally came true, and so it is with many people who have been going for a long time towards a goal that they will achieve someday. Some who achieved their goals shared photos on social networks.

We present to you 14 photos of people who made their dream come true and are now overjoyed.

1. “It’s very hard to notice how many pounds we lost until we compare old photos with new ones.”

2. “It’s hard, but I’m not giving up on weight loss.”

3. “I have managed to lose 101 lb since April 2021.”