15 People who prove that all great things start with a first step (15 pics)

You want to change something in your life but you always find some excuses that stop you to start, and that actually slows your progress. You have to find motivation, some reason that will make you say to yourself, I want to change something, I want to work on myself, and everything will go its course. We admire the people who did just that, they are an example for everyone who needs a little motivation.

We present to you 15 photos of people who have taken a serious step in improving their lives.

1. “After 3 years I took a photo in the same place, only now I’m much thinner and happier.”

2. “When you look at some of your old photos you’ll notice how much time you’ve actually invested in yourself so far.”

3. “I really don’t look like myself anymore, because in just over a year I’ve become a different person.”